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Ладно, я тоже поддамся общему веянию и устрою конкурс по своему плейлисту.

1. А а а(аааа) а а а а а(ааа) а а а а а(ааа)а(ааааа)а(ааааааа)
А а а а(ааа) ааа ааа аа((аааа)ааа) ааа ааа ааа ааа а а а а(ааааа)

2. It seems alright
To find a place without a single life
Where is the night
We run into

3. There's no truth in the lie that only angels cry
when everybody knows we're all born to die.

4. Can't ever keep from falling apart
At the seams
Can I believe you're taking my heart
To pieces

5. Running down that street,
heading for the void,
just to catch a moment,
you stole then...

6. тададам татадам тыцтыц тададам тададам it's gonna be

7. It takes more strength to cry, admit defeat.
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